Objections Are Opportunities
Timothy R. Johnson
For decades sales programs have taught salespeople that the key to success is their ability to "overcome objections" by being smarter and more clever than their buyer. This strategic approach makes customer objections an obstacle course to climb over, burrow under, go around or simply barge through. Prospects and customers have names for salespeople who believe this and practice it: "Pushy." "Aggressive." "Rude." Often, these salespeople have a "Buy or Die" mentality, and untold numbers of potential sales simply fall through the cracks because they're on to the next hot lead, the next big sale, and their followup system (if they have one) isn't effective, consistent or even in place.
From my experience and personal sales successes, I believe this is all wrong. Objections Are Opportunities, IF Your Sales and Marketing Team Work Together. When your marketing reaches the right prospects with the right message, and you recognize and address their concerns, doubts and fears upfront, all sales has to do is continue the conversation to bring the prospect to their buying decision. This Marketing+Sales Strategy respects your prospect and sees her as a partner in the process, not an adversary defending her credit cards who has to be defeated for the sale to happen.

When marketing answers their objections first. you will always close more sales.
This approach will always create more sales, more lifetime value and higher quality referrals. That's why these steps are the foundation of our proprietary S.O.L.D. Business Development Process™ :
Strategy (Marketing+Sales)
Objections = Opportunities
Leveraging Referral Partners
Duplicate & Automate
When you get this right, your salespeople can literally become "order takers" because your marketing has been able to deliver more of the RIGHT prospects, already prepped and positive about you before sales sits down with them.
However, if your sales team relies on the " smarter and more clever" strategy with prospects, these Ideal Clients will still put up a strong resistance. So instead of being smart, I coach salespeople to "Stay Stupid!" Ask lots of questions, speaking in "You" language that engages your prospect and reveals their "Why"… the inner feelings, thoughts, habits, and patterns that drive them to want what you have and make that buying decision.
“Nobody buys anything until they feel it’s the right thing to do.”
--Emerson Brantley, co-founder Why To Wealth Strategy System
Ask yourself, do you or your team use lots of "I" statements instead of "YOU" statements? You know, "I can do this… We can handle that… Our program is better because…" After the first two or three if you haven't hit their underlying Why drivers, you're just making noise, and your prospects will shut you down.
Here's how this plays out when you've taken the time to build your marketing and sales strategies together, not based on you, but based on your prospects' Whys, and are willing to be a little stupid.
Whenever you talk with a prospective buyer, they're expecting a sales pitch, but what I'm looking for is to benchmark where they are today, where do they want to be in three to five years and what are their challenges to getting there? You will quickly discover
There are three -- and only three -- basic challenges or "objections" you need to address:
1. Is their challenge about finding Time?
2. Is it about Money?
3. Or, is it about Change?
Remember, they've been overpromised and underdelivered their entire life! Why should they believe you're any different… if you don't even know their Why…or care enough to ask?
Can you show them how to save Time… or free up time? Or can you show them how to add your program or product into their already full schedule and make it work? How much time do they have? How much do they need?
A lot of people will tell you they want to make more Money, but that's not a reason to buy. That's not their real WHY. If they haven't told you WHY they want it, exactly what does "having more money" mean to them? And how much is "more"? It's up to us to find out!
We all hate Change. It can increase stress, frustration and give us new problems to deal with. What we have now may not be perfect, but it's easier to stick with what we've got rather than struggle through a new learning curve. That's why there are still people using old, outdated software like Windows 7 or Vista or 3.0 or older!
These three core objections are all are related to each other! I can show you how to make more money, but is it truly going to improve your life, give you more time or make a drastic difference in the quality of the time you have…your lifestyle? Will it create more headaches for you to make the change, or simplify your life and reduce your stress? Most of the time, your answers won't be about you but whatever you care about most - your family, your people, your legacy, etc.
Ask probing questions like, "What have you tried up till now? What programs do you have already…your shelf help? How has it worked for you? Are your decisions based on costs… on fear of loss…or on hope of gain? How did accountability -- or lack of accountability -- play into your results -- or lack of results -- up till now?"
Maybe your Why is to make more money so you can put your kids through college. Maybe it's to reduce stress and pay off debt, or to be able to travel, or enjoy the lifestyle you deserve. Maybe it's for a nest egg to ensure your golden years or medical needs are covered. For entrepreneurs or business owners ask questions like "What specifically, growth wise, would you use the money for?" "How would that affect your P&Ls, your bottom line?"
We're guiding them to Why they've made the decisions they've made…and OWNING the consequences of their decisions. What are the consequences if they fail…on them, their business, their family, their employees, their future? It's sort of like being married. If you've been married two, three, four times, at some point, you have to quit the blame game, look at yourself and ask "What was driving those choices?"
Marketers call this understanding their psychographics, the things that DRIVE our decision making. We call this process Whytology™.
Understanding their Why drivers makes it easier to transport them from today's reality into their future possibilities, and to really understand what it means if they don't take action now.
"What's the impact in your life if you don't do this? What's it going to cost you over your lifetime, not to make the changes just because you’ve been overpromised and under-delivered in the past? What does your future look like living another day, another month, another year or three or five or longer without having achieved the results you really want?"
Some people call this their painpoint, their fear, frustration, or problem…but really it's about honestly getting them to look at the consequences NOT making this buying decision means.
Sales Is Only Part Of The Solution
When business owners and entrepreneurs call us to help them with this process, it's usually because their sales aren't what they want them to be. I can fine tune your sales team's techniques and get your numbers up, but usually that's only part of the problem.
The biggest single issue almost always is: Your Marketing and Sales Are Disconnected.
Marketing may believe they're doing great, hitting big numbers of optins or leads and surpassing goals. But sales is always griping about the quality of the leads and blaming it on their low closing averages. The truth is, both sides are working with a handicap.
Your Sales Team talks with your customers and new leads and hears the same objections every day. Nothing is more valuable to Marketing than for Sales to share what they know, because with the right information, a trained Marketing Team can zero in on the exact Ideal Prospects you need most. Then, using the Whytology™ Process Formula continually tweak and refine your message to get even higher quality leads in greater numbers. With more pre-qualified leads, your closing averages go up and your dollars per sale go up. With strong follow-up programs in place your customer lifetime value increases. And the number of quality new referrals takes off.
Creating is the foundation of the Why To Wealth Strategy System™ & the core strength of our proprietary S.O.L.D. Business Development Process™ .
When this powerful Sales/Marketing Partnership is in place a transformation begins to happen in your business. By understanding your Ideal Clients' Whytology™ -- their hidden drivers that compel them to do business with you… and only you -- you will begin to experience dramatic improvements in your customer acquisition and sales processes that will…
REDUCE Your Sales Cycle
IMPROVE Your Sales Per Lead
INCREASE Your Revenues Per Customer
SIMPLIFY Your Sales Process
Once the S.O.L.D. Process is in place and we shorten your sales cycle and automate your workflows, your business will be more profitable, with less effort and stress, enjoying higher-qualified Ideal Prospects for less cost per lead or sale than you are probably spending now.
The Why-To-Wealth™ Marketing & Sales Strategy System is the only program designed to guide you and your team through this process using the state of the art Whytology™ Process Formula. How much difference would it mean in your business if …
⎫ Your sales and marketing teams are working together, producing at the results you know they can!
⎫ Your marketing message is reaching the right people with the right message… and they are responding in greater numbers!
⎫ Your business requires less of your time, is less stressful, and producing greater revenues!
⎫ You are able to focus ON your business instead of working long hours IN it!
⎫ You finally can enjoy the fruits of your labor, the lifestyle you deserve and the time to enjoy it!
Only so much can be covered in a single short chapter, and I haven't even scratched the surface on how to develop your Why-To-Wealth™ Marketing Strategy. The co-founder of Why To Wealth™, Emerson Brantley has created marketing strategies and powerful messages for hundreds of companies and over 8600 campaigns and launches. You can download our complimentary Why To Wealth™ Whytology™ Blueprint to better understand the marketing side of this powerful process so you can apply it in your business today. Go To:
If your business qualifies we can also set up a "Boardroom" day to help you and your team get laser-focused on the mission critical elements that will make -- or break -- your business. In most cases, we will be able to eliminate the time- and money-wasters that are holding you back, map out an easily-implemented Marketing and Sales Strategy, provide the copywriting for the exact message you need for your Ideal Market, systemize your entire process and in the end, help you create the business you always wanted -- one that provides for you, your family and employees, produces ongoing leadflow of qualified prospects, long-term, high lifetime value Ideal Clients and the life and lifestyle you deserve. Contact me personally and we will quickly determine -- usually in under ten minutes -- if you qualify and how exactly we may be able to bring these advantages to your business.
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About Timothy R. Johnson (aka The King of Connections)
Founder S.O.L.D. Business Development Process, Co-Founder Why-To-Wealth™ Marketing & Sales Strategy System (WhyToWealth.com)
Known as "Biz Dev Guy," Tim Johnson understands what it costs your business when your marketing and sales processes aren't smooth and consistent with each and every customer contact. Tim learned the hard way by building several successful businesses including as a general contractor and investor.
When he found his own success ended up consuming more and more of his life, Tim searched for solutions to streamline his operations, to fix the "holes" in his staffing, sales and marketing processes, and put in automated systems and processes that made sure his clients had the same experience, consistently, time and time again. His efforts paid off: Tim saw his business grow by double digits while cutting his workload by two-thirds.
He realized there were many others who were Smart, Talented, Unique, Person In Demand™ (S.T.U.P.I.D.™ !), experts in their space whose companies had the quality solutions their market craved. However, they either weren't getting the right message through to their ideal prospects, or didn't have proven prospect-to-client systems to consistently retain more customers and boost the lifetime value of each one.
Combining his extensive experience systemizing business and sales solutions, Tim has teamed up with top marketing strategist and seasoned copywriter Emerson Brantley to create the Why-To-Wealth™ Marketing & Sales Strategy System. Where Emerson's proprietary Whytology™ Process zeroes in and uniquely qualifies the most lucrative prospects in your market, Tim's Proven S.O.L.D.™ Business Development Process takes them by the hand, automating your entire customer acquisition and development process, increasing average and lifetime sales and allowing you to scale your business for unparalleled growth.